Acquisitions & Sales

We’re looking for unique properties and investors. We understand that no two properties are alike and there is an art to unlocking value through a variety of approaches. If your property has a profound value driver, we’d love to hear about it.

  • Institutional property

    We particularly focus on well-located projects with a compelling mission and near-term value driver.  Transportation linkages, adaptive use, and maximizing human capital form the basis of our marketing efforts.

  • Entrepreneurial property

    Entrepreneurial goals within for-profit and non-profit organizations drive the need for location and productivity.  Our deep understanding of land-use, development and real estate return-on-investment drives our acquisition and disposition marketing.

  • Private Markets

    The private market sector demands a certain level of confidentiality and personal service. Special properties appeal to a limited market.  Unique properties and discrete owners require special treatment.

  • Conventional Brokerage

    Landmark Realty Group works with other brokers, but normally under agreed confidentiality terms, as specified by the client.  However, conventional brokerage is an option for many owners, and Landmark has relationships with numerous conventional brokers and the CCIM network.

  • Target Market Process

    Target markets are defined by specific property use and location.   Target marketing is a process of identifying probable investors and developers and their preferred market areas.   A marketing strategy is then developed around those specific potential buyers.

    Target marketing is limited in scope but is more productive than broader types of marketing for unique properties because it is designed around specific purchaser preferences.

    Our market focus is on university communities and student housing related developments. Our research and processes seek capable investors and sellers who are conscious of prime locations and market leading economics.